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Najnovšie Foto Alyssy Milano!!!


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(david miedzianik, 24. 3. 2010 11:13)

todays date: 24th march 2010:

i get my money this FRIDAY: i spent my night on the london buses here, and at the coach station too: i found out that my dad came in on a ship from NEW YORK yesterday on the ansestry records here at ST PANCARAS LIBRARY: 1955 or something eh ?? with his mother SOFIA ??? or something ??? eh ??? they even have the name of the ship: i might be able to get back to the USA now ??? or something ??? david miedzianik: ST PANCARAS LIBARY: CAMDEN: LONDON:


(david christopher miedzianik, 28. 9. 2009 12:38)

i bought a MICHELLE TODD ALBUM on WESTMINSTER CATHEDERAL steps: no i bought the album at the church shop with a £20 note it cost about £10: no it was STING from another well known group THE POLICE that stopped me on the church steps: well it might have been him for all i know ??? it might have been JOKERMAN eh ??? david miedzianik cyber-cafe WESTMINSTER LONDON rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com


(david miedzianik, 4. 8. 2009 14:05)

i don't know ??? my girlfriend NURSE NARNA ward C1 ROTHERHAM, DISTRICT GENERAL HOSPITAL: cyber-cafe kings cross london SONG ABOUT MY GOOD SELF EH ??? NOT A song and dance ??? eh ??? i have a WHO VIDEO on myself at present QUADROPHINIA: plus an OCEAN COLOUR SCENE album too: eh:


(david christopher miedzianik, 31. 7. 2009 20:22)

date MODERN TIMES for all i care ??? too tired to write good SLEEP DEPRIVATION ??? eh ??? or something ????

why doesn't ELTON JOHN tiddle (tinkle)??? his piano for my autobiography ??? failing that they could get THE FLYING PICKETS ??? where ever they are now ????
no jobs worth fighting for anymore or something ???
cyber-cafe WESTMINSTER: LONDON: PS: 'only you' FLYING PICKETS hit: i think it was called 'only you' ???

thing won't work on the computer

(david christopher miedzianik, 31. 7. 2009 20:10)

i got a watch from elizabeth knutton for my birthday: i've just bought a battery for it down here in WESTMINSTER LONDON: i have a guest house room for tonight so things aren't so bad here now eh ????


(david christopher miedzianik, 1. 6. 2009 17:50)

i'm still in LONDON: THANX: david miedzianik



i saw GOD at THE ROYAL ALBERT HALL: or was it ERIC CLAPTON ??? on the 17th, and the 31st may 2009:

i missed seeing ERIC CLAPTON, on the SUNDAY, that was BOB DYLAN'S 68th birthday: the 24th may 2009:


(david miedzianik, 20. 3. 2009 17:20)

i've found a LONDON HOSTEL: i was there last night hopefully for the next few nights too ???? still no LONDON GIRLFRIEND eh ??? cyber-cafe TRAVISTOCK SQUARE LONDON


(david miedzianik, 17. 11. 2008 17:48)

date: MODERN TIMES: monday: 17th november 2008:

from CRYPT HOLY CROSS CHURCH LONDON: bob dylan song about myself sometime eh ????


(david miedzianik, 17. 11. 2008 17:46)

todays date: MODERN TIMES: for all i care ??? MONDAY: 17th NOVEMBER 2008:

dear ???? i'm setting off back to rotherham, south yorkshire, again tonight: pay house insurence: maybe for the last time ??? david miedzianik (ASBO) almost ??? i'm bob dylan's greatest bbc radio request writer: rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com


(pavlína, 8. 2. 2008 12:35)

ahoj kamaráký ja si mate se osvete


(pavlína, 8. 2. 2008 12:35)

ahoj kamaráký ja si mate se osvete


(black3232, 26. 1. 2008 17:42)

no oni proste fat no kticky super holky
a to musim no proste uznat tak ............paaaapaa


(LEO, 15. 11. 2007 16:44)

Miluju čarodějky!!Nej seriál na světě!


(phoebenka, 26. 10. 2007 14:28)

strasne lubkam charmedky


(SniperO3, 17. 7. 2007 17:58)

Aly vyzera stale super skod ze nebyvam v amerike chcel by som ju videt na zivo

david christopher miedzianik

(rainmanhallelujah@hotmail.com, 6. 6. 2007 2:06)

TODAYS DATE: WEDNESDAY i think ??? 6th JUNE 2007:

i'm setting off for PARIS, FRANCE, in a few hours:
I HOPE I CAN FIND A GIRLFRIEND THERE ??? THE WHO are playing PARIS, FRANCE, today: i don't know if i'll get to see them or not ??? WE NEED A NEW SONG:
or a WHO SONG about me: so i can get a date out or something ??? i've been asking bob dylan for this song on, and off, for years with next to no luck up to now: cyber-cafe near kings cross railway station: london: AT PRESENT:


(Radoslava, 26. 12. 2006 16:19)

Vyzera super ponej by chlapci mali ist vela naozaj

phoebe je lura

(papik22dr, 28. 11. 2006 17:13)

chci tve eroticke foto !kde ho najdu?


(fibi, 10. 11. 2006 15:06)

tato stranka je super len cakam kedy uz zasa budu ist carodejnice tak ich skoro pustite cawwwte


(Romana, 21. 9. 2006 23:04)

Alyssa je super!!!!!!!!!A je to super stranka.